Partner Relationship


Natural law of humans relations are the same for any kind of relationship.

Lovers, husband and wife, colleagues, superiors and subordinates,

friends, parent and child...etc.. are all made up in the same law.







These four should be balanced and

even just one is lacking,

it may lead to some problem that cause

the relationship's collapse.


Today I would like to share about

the partner's relationship.


Why do people fall in love

and grow the love?

First just mutually attracted, touching, staying together naturally.

Love comes from our inside, but when partner relationship starts, 

we also are making a common love between partners.

Imagine, there is one big bottle

between two people.

We have to put a crystal of love in this bottle with two people 

storing water in its love bottle.

 Love come from inside us, 

but this collaboration is different  

from the time for yourself. 

We use other  efforts. 

It is not decreasing the love

by giving love and taking care

 of each other. 

It will spread the love around us too.

Attracted to each other naturally,

wanting to know as human  being,

as animal, wanting to be together. 

There are no wards between lovers.

It just draws each other naturally.

Act of giving this love, gentleness,

healing of the body and mind.


But if the love decreases and stagnates,

it is going to lead to anxiety, disappointment, distrust.

Then the felling of wanting

to understand will be lost.

Closed withered love otherwise

desire to the other.


Over time,

when we get to know each other,

knowing the habits  and being

born to many emotions. 

This is natural.

It will being to build for trust. 

This is also in the nature law.

Trust is first, we must have an understand as a human being, 

to understand each other

by spending time together

then we will accept. 

If we can not understand,

we must make a conversation.

 This conversation will be important to

understanding and improvement

of humanity of each other.


In this time, a lot of people will stumble.

Marriage, bearing children,

paying the loan to buy a house,

paying high insurance in

preparation of a crisis,

 car loans..etc..

becoming busy to take care for children

and being chased by houseworks.

Eventually will have no conversation.

The energy for wanting to understand

will be decreased.


A lot of people say that is for our future

or for is love and be not make

the time for a conversation.


This is also love but why can not focus in present relationship?

Every day we are getting a lot of experiences so we need to

know and understand each thinking by sharing day by day

little by little then we continue

to grow together.

Many of people are having less conversation and think

that they already know their partners.

It is just though of own and selfish.

It is very important to tell to partner because if don't share

though it is miss understanding to partner

and also be make plague the opponent.


If there is imbalance of love then

it will stop to grow.

It is important to have conversation

day by day.

Because of course we have many

different experiences.

So we need to know each other every day.


Are you making the time to say kind words

for your partner  every day?




A lot of people are misled and

are suffering because of it.

It is important to build our work

and own growth.


But in the short life, we are getting a chance to be mutually attracted, 

cultivate a love, feel happiness and sadness, this is arrowed by god

only human relationship that will be improved by relationship.


Balance is important.


This low of this partner relationship,

it also say the same thing

to the other human relations.

If there is no conversation,

without being understood,

can not be understood,to stop the growth,

it would stop the love.

Once again, first to observe the relationship between you and your partner, 

have the conversation face to face

and eye to eye every day.


Focusing on present moment

is very important.



Be happy your life with your lover.


Photo in Philadelphia, USA

May 2015





Pure herat


I want to share with you that

sweet story of mine,

about my experiences in my work.


The story is about a blind girl

who is in junior high school.

She is not blind by birth and she is also

mentally handicapped

but she is a very smart and friendly girl.

When I was her assistant,

I supported her to go to restroom

because she can not go there alone.

She is likely to be attached even when she is the pooping.

She talks to her poo saying

"Please come out poo-san

('san' is respect word of Japanese). 

I can not touch her easily thought,

this sweet sight  and so pure situation

of junior high school girl.

At that time, she has menstruation,

so I helped her napkin

because she can not do it herself.

I also helped her wipe her poo because she can not wipe it herself.

After that, she gently say to me

'Thank you very much'.


Another story a the girl

who she is 16 years old.

She has a little vision

that she can see the color vaguely

also she has a intellectual disability.

She can talk firmly and

can express herself with words.

Her emotion is rich, so sometimes

she has no control over it.

One day , she had an abnormal reaction

of the words of her friend.

She acted violently.

I went to enter to stop then I was bitten

by her and I got injury on my arm.

Because she is very tall

and bigger than me.

After that, she settled and calmed down,

I talked to her.

She say 『Nanaka(my name) san

('san' is respect word of Japanese),

 Can you pat my body?』

That was a moment that

I think I really feel sweet

from the bottom of my heart.

Then she feeds back what she had done,

like the story of that time little by little.

- It might have been...

like she is catering to farm an expression,

and finally she said for me

『I'm sorry』.


When I touch their pure hearts,

my heart is washed and

feel happy with no words.

They have truthfulness and purity.

I think sometimes in the world,

people say that those kinds of people

are disabled.


But how about us?  


What is disability?

We have disability in our mind of

our own sometimes isn't it? 


We can learn from them a lot of things. 



When you can get the opportunity

to touch their pure heart,

please be taught by the deep love

from them.



Be happy everybody together.

Big Love from Mysore, India


The urine leakage, uterine prolapse


Today, these symptoms are not only for the elderly people,but also postpurtum mother are complaning about it.One of the reason that weakens *the pelvic floor muscle*(*Perineal muscles that support from the bottom like a hammock to organs of the pelvic*) during pregnancy and  delivery, even the poor posture from the previous pregnancy and not caring for the body and mind after birth for most of the women who had experienced delivery. The people who gave birth through vaginal deliver, their uterus goes back to the original size naturally (involution of the uterus) also, the internal status of the vagina will go back to normal. The vagina does a great job during delivery. Female body during pregnancy increases the hormone that is called estrogen. It will loosen the muscles in preparation for a birth,  therefore a woman can give birth easily. It is natural. 


Many women will have trouble with urinary incontinence at that time.Since the baby grew up in the womb,  of course uterus increases in size, pushes the bladder next to it,  therefore will be frequent urination, also sometimes it  becomes cystitis. And the abdominal muscles is not used longer during pregnancy, therefore it will be weakened with it and pelvic floor muscle together, so it will increases the frequent of urinary incontinence.The postpartum mother is also plagued by it,therefore we will be training during pregnancy firmly. The pelvic floor muscle will prevent the urine leakage and uterine prolapse, 

also a very active muscles to push the baby during delivery. However during pregnancy, there is limit to the exercise, so it is important to keep feeling this muscle tempted from before pregnancy. If the attitude is good, this muscle can be made fairly and naturally and in to the life. Some pregnant people say it's ok because i did some sports before. But it is required for the muscle to be in the state of no excessive tension as well.So we recommend that we will start the exercise early as soon as possible. Most of the after birth mother will improve the leakage of urine during a year by our  exercise


As a way of training of the pelvic floor muscle for every woman.


1: The organs which had dropped will be reversed by yoga postures, back to the original position. However it should be very careful for the elderly,

we will do it with appropriate method because it is dangerous for high blood pressure (Hypertension). 

2:In a state of no tension in the abdominal cavity and genital muscle will be reversed by the force of gravity.

3:The focus is on the pelvic floor muscle.

4:Excise this muscle.


Specially the elderly people who prone the uterine prolapse, they can not continue standing for long time also not good for the constipation and can not carry heavy objects. The uterine will come down then they will feel discomfort. In addition, when they have bad physical condition, they will become prone ptosis. Our exercise method is very effective in many of the elderlies with uterine prolapse.  The uterine will fit to the appropriate position after class.

They will be happy. But as you grow older, the muscles can harden so when you feel such as this kind of symptoms, start this exercise as soon as possible.


Many cases in the elderly people with uterine prolapse, sometimes is inserted into the form  of a ring called pessary in the vagina because it is needed to

protect the depressed  the uterus.However sometimes this ring changes, that's why it is easy to create adhesions. There is also firmness and increase in size in this ring. But this ring can easily hurt around the uterus, if someone wish to have surgery (Hysterectomy), you might need to decide as soon as possible. 

Surgery is not only hysterectomy, there are various of surgical techniques. However, in the case of the uterus being removed, can the surgery solve this trouble? When it removes the uterus, the cavity in the internal organs will occur. And if it is not in the pelvic floor muscle, it may develop into a bladder prolapse then bladder will come popping out of the vaginal wall. Anus is also connected with the pelvic floor muscle. There is a rectal prolapse of the rectum which is depressed from the anus. The pelvic floor muscle can not afford to decline. Therefore it should not be thought lightly like a "I have visceral ptosis..."I have leakage of urine sometimes, but somebody say like this, so may be it's Ok". Furthermore if I say clearly in the diaper of baby compared with the diapers of the elderly,

they are not the same kind of diapers.But in the case of a baby,  it will finish up potty training, but elderly people are going the opposite way.


I am talking in the classes of elderly, 'Until the end of the life, keep your body to go to the restroom on your own'. This is also true for men, it is not limited to women.

And I am writing about the pelvic floor muscle, it is not enough only to train this muscle, it will be important to reduce the extra tension for it.  When the internal organs are having stress, it will be easier to stiffen then various symptoms will appear because of blood circulation stagnation. The stress of the mind can create tension to the muscles too.  So it will be accumulated through daily street, and lead to move our body functional until the end of the life.



Be happy your days.



The Art OF LIving


"The golden rule of meditation"


Don't want anything. 

Do nothing .

I am nothing.


Nothing stays forever.

Good as well as bad.

Time go away.

Be happy.


by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar



After the Art of living's course,

I received one energy.

I change to words.


"Your all cells become textbook of love"


I am grateful for being able to receive this kind of opportunity.





Photo in Art of living Mysore, India

June 2016

The purpose of our life


Today, we are getting a lot of 

information instantly.

Soon, the boundary between reality and

non-reality will be unclear.

We easily believe the things that we see but we also can easily be deceived by this.

Because we had no real experiences with these informations.

And the gift of technology, we can easily connect to others but there is no reality.

Because we can not feel and touch with real human in technology.

So the distance of the people are becoming farther from the concept of reality

so we are less connected with people in the true sense of the world.

And we are losing the concept of time too.

Originally, we have lived in accordance under the laws of the universe and nature.

We are not in control of our destiny.

From the day we were born until the day

we die,only God knows what will happen.


Why are we born into the world now? 
What should we do until we meet our death?
What is our purpose on Earth? 
What is the work that we are born to do? 
How can I achieve all of those things?

We start to think deeply for “meaning of life" and "meaning our born”

and Earth is staring to changes.

Therefore we need to continue to "improvement through the spirit''


What is spirit?

We always hear this word but, do we know exactly what it means?
The spirit is wearing clean clothes, makeup, and wearing perfume,

by polishing clean the surface of the body,

If we have much money,

can we improve to our spirit? 

The spirit can not be seen as part of the body, inside the bone, even peek into in it.

That can not be touched but we are able to feel it and learn from it.


Why we need to be awareness for this spirit?
There are many descriptions about the word for ‘Spirit’ in the world.
All of the meanings described it as

"heart of nature" and

"the foundation of the mind".


What is "the mind”?

Why life is having this mind and why

the God made this “mind” for us?

What is the essence of the mind?



※ This is the beginning of the thesis

which I was created when I complete a course

in Swami Vivekananda

Yoga Prakashana Bangalore, India.


The title is “Yoga for Spiritual development’.

It is very interesting contents

so I would like to share for

my universe families little by little

as the my blog. 


'Turn your wounds into wisdom' 


Big Love from India 
Photo in Yoga University S-VYASA 

Jan 2016

Obsession for our deep habits


When we were a baby, when we felt hungry, sleepy and uncomfortable, we cry.

This intention is becoming greed and possessiveness,

and it will begin the relationship with the people.

If we feel comfortable and uncomfortable, coming to likes and dislikes of the decision,

it will make the most pleasant state for us.
Feeling uncomfortable is we will continue to increase our experience by experience,

such as disappointment and disgust.It begins to create a wall in the mind along with suffering inside us.

We had some experiences about suffering and pain,

when we get the same situation,

we will block it and escape from these situations.

But it is just cover for that so these emotions will not disappear for cause,

even more will spread in the roots of our mind.

This root will spread more, we will get similar experience to next.

Why did this root make more problem and other experience and connection?


These are habit of ourselves.

So we had made similar situation because they frequently out of this habit is not known in relation to all people.

This situation will come again and again until we understand these habits deeply until disappear.

How will we be able to stare this habit?

These habits created by mind.Habit is more and more dependent on with age.

We need to observe to our mind and awareness to it.

There are six emotions as an element of the habit that caused the suffering.








・Kama=intense desire


Ego, attractiveness and selfishness are also part of these emotions.Always in the habit affceicting us.

When we find and release these things, It will melt like a piece of ice little by little.
We human beings have a lot of experience in our life.


Nourish wisdom in our life.

We get the knowledge of life and observe reason of suffering,

practice to release it and get the wisdom from both physicality and mentality.

It was given only to human beings by God.All being have some emotions,

however cultivate wisdom be able to share to this wisdom to the people,

It is only humans are free from suffering.

When we do deep observation for our habits to be insight, bliss appear to us.

These bliss are not like a buying something and being full.

These Bliss come from our inside.It will not disappear and

will penetrate the hearts and improve the spirituality.


May all beings be happy and be peaceful.


Photo in Mahabalipuram, India Dec 2015
Arjuna's Penance/Descent of the Ganga

Mother Earth

 Mother Earth.


You have a perfect harmony.


She is the one who gives us birth. 


Place in Iriomote Island

Okinawa, Japana

July 2013


Important thing as human being


The spirit of helping one another.

The prayer from the heart.

Preciousness of life.

Loving kindness.

Purity of the soul.


When our souls genuine has been cleaned,

 our eyes are opened.


When we found a sacred light, the seeds of pleasure stay inside us.

When we saw the deep love, be born to bottomless peacefulness.


Wish I share to these loves and energies for my all lovers in the world.

Place in Boudhanatu Kathmandu, Nepal 

May 2016


Connection with nature.

Listen your heart beat. 

Deep breathing. 

Relax your body.

Free your mind and soul.

Nature is teaching us for everything in all times. 

Be calm your mind.


Place in Iriomote Island

Okinawa, Japan

July 2015