Today, we are getting a lot of 

information instantly.

Soon, the boundary between reality and

non-reality will be unclear.

We easily believe the things that we see but we also can easily be deceived by this.

Because we had no real experiences with these informations.

And the gift of technology, we can easily connect to others but there is no reality.

Because we can not feel and touch with real human in technology.

So the distance of the people are becoming farther from the concept of reality

so we are less connected with people in the true sense of the world.

And we are losing the concept of time too.

Originally, we have lived in accordance under the laws of the universe and nature.

We are not in control of our destiny.

From the day we were born until the day

we die,only God knows what will happen.


Why are we born into the world now? 
What should we do until we meet our death?
What is our purpose on Earth? 
What is the work that we are born to do? 
How can I achieve all of those things?

We start to think deeply for “meaning of life" and "meaning our born”

and Earth is staring to changes.

Therefore we need to continue to "improvement through the spirit''


What is spirit?

We always hear this word but, do we know exactly what it means?
The spirit is wearing clean clothes, makeup, and wearing perfume,

by polishing clean the surface of the body,

If we have much money,

can we improve to our spirit? 

The spirit can not be seen as part of the body, inside the bone, even peek into in it.

That can not be touched but we are able to feel it and learn from it.


Why we need to be awareness for this spirit?
There are many descriptions about the word for ‘Spirit’ in the world.
All of the meanings described it as

"heart of nature" and

"the foundation of the mind".


What is "the mind”?

Why life is having this mind and why

the God made this “mind” for us?

What is the essence of the mind?



※ This is the beginning of the thesis

which I was created when I complete a course

in Swami Vivekananda

Yoga Prakashana Bangalore, India.


The title is “Yoga for Spiritual development’.

It is very interesting contents

so I would like to share for

my universe families little by little

as the my blog. 


'Turn your wounds into wisdom' 


Big Love from India 
Photo in Yoga University S-VYASA 

Jan 2016

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