Yoga therapy produced for clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology since 2004.Classes are safe and effectively managed under the professional advice of doctors and midwives. 



We have offered Medical Yoga Instructor training course and more value of exclusive knowledge training courses.We also have a Yoga Retreat and workshops in various locations. 


Essays for many topics to Bliss of life, Vegetarianism, Happy journey, Spiritual development and Art of Yoga.


 Connection with nature


You and Me

Humans cannot live alone.

So we are trying to compromise and live in harmony with others.

We feel joyfulness,happiness, sadness, sorrow,pleasure,

suffering,laughter,anger, hatred and forgiveness

and tenderness for each other.


We cannot run away from that.


Just accept and release.

The word "Yoga" in sanskrit means "connection".


Blissworkout is incorporates

a variety of Body Works for various age groups

ranging from infant to elderly. 

It helps the way to develop the mental and physical harmonies

and to have a joyful life. 



I thank you for the chance to meet you in this life time.


Produced by 

Preventive Medicine Body Care Association of Japan 

Founder by Nanaka Sugiura